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My work recontextualizes memories as content and medium into a new vocabulary to explore the self. I grew up in an era when television was the center of family life. My interest in the exploration of self is influenced by cartoons, domestic comedies and serious news programming that was daily viewing in my family home. Hegel stated that understanding the self comes from recognizing the other which television provides. 


My artistic practice begins intuitively by employing the technique visual pareidolia [seeing objects or people in other things].  At first glance my characters may seem unfamiliar but they are hybrid creatures that come from shared memories framed by television. I pay particular attention to the narrative elements I create between the characters themselves and how they interact with each other.  


My intense color palette directly relates to the influence color tv had by making the audience feel like they were more ‘there’ and a part of my world. Color TV triggers imagination, raises curiosity and gathers millions around common themes. The collective experience of television and cartoons that I explore in my work summons the viewer to self identify, creating a personal experience.